Wednesday, April 30, 2014

News You Can't Use: NYPD Arrests Nearly 100 Subway Break Dancers

Is there a more persecuted minority group than breakers and poppers? All right, maybe all those people that hate to laugh and don't enjoy fun, but that's about it. It seems that The Man is always trying to destroy our healthy good times of downrock, freezes and generally spinning on the head and so forth. The latest outrage comes from New York City, where the war on B-boying has entered an ugly new phase. It's bad enough we're expected to pay for own protection (sheets of cardboard on the ground) but now we're being arrested by a system that finds our power moves threatening.

After recently learning that New York sleeps in later than every other city in the country, we’re wondering why the NYPD is trying so damn hard to get rid of subway break dancers.

Nice and professional, Observer. Why the fucking shit bitch shitty crap is the NYPD doing this? I'm just tryin' to sleep in, here. How ya doin'? Fogettaboutit!

Because what does a better job of waking New Yorkers up than dodging flailing legs on the L train at 9:00 a.m.? Oh yeah, we have Starbucks for that.

I think we can now concede that letting the editor's talentless punk kid write an article was a bad idea.

Officials say that 46 subway break dancers have been charged with reckless endangerment so far this year. Another 50 have been charged with disorderly conduct, New York reports.

We are the dead.

There were only two such charges of reckless endangerment committed by subway dancers in 2013.

This is what scientists and so on call "number get bigger."

But dancers aren’t the only underground dangers the NYPD is targeting, and no, we’re not talking about the rats or the crowds, or even the upskirt photography (although we wish we were).

Right now our main targets are Mole People, alligators, break dancers and those monsters from the movie Tremors. We can't go after camera perverts because that's a Constitutionally protected freedom.

Despite Mayor Bill de Blasio insisting there is no “crackdown” going on, the Post reported that police have busted 371 panhandlers so far this year — a hefty increase from the total 100 charged last year.

Because this is somehow relevant to the struggle for our nation's soul going on over my freedom to swing from objects and then hold a pose as if unable to move.

The most prophetic movie ever made.

Those peddling churros and other yummy snacks without licenses are coming under fire as well

"All right pal, do you realize how yummy you were being back there?"

At least underground muggings are down!

Mostly because of that Death Wish guy. 

Komment Korner  

Artistic expression? I am surprised the twat that wrote this article is not claiming racial profiling. God forbid we not want to allow people to act like Overgrown children.

these youngsters are actually dancing the polls on full trains and is more intimidating to the riders than it is entertaining, doing his horizontal hanging on the pole he had his sneakers literally in my face

Make them catch 10 rats down there per infraction.

About time the crackdown started.

In de jungle, you've got to be able to do dis to get dem bananas.

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