Sunday, May 4, 2014

News You Can't Use: Miami Teen Arrested for Hacking Computers to Change Grades

There was a time when hackers were cool. They'd almost start World War 3, but then convince the computer it would be unwinnable at the last possible moment, that sort of thing. It started to lose luster when it became someone clattering away on keys to do the impossible while the rest of the team shouted slogans like "Come on, hurry" and "Only sixty seconds left!" Then, the "epic fail," if you will. Virus creation. "We'll hack Goldman Sachs for The People!" followed by the George Soros money being cut off and imprisonment. Changing high school grades, as if anyone cares. Yeah, we've come a long way from that amazing world of wonder depicted in "War Games."

A Miami high school student is facing felony charges after allegedly hacking into his school website and changing students' grades, according to WFOR-TV in Miami.

Why yes, your glorified Senior Prank is a felony. Would you like to share a cell with a murderer, a rapist, or take a chance on the mystery criminal?

According to WFOR-TV, Bautista was able to hack into the school computers and change the grades for himself and four other students.

This caused literally minutes of inconvenience changing them back.

The principal at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School turned over Bautista to the police on Thursday, after the student reportedly gave him a written confession.

Instead of "well you confessed and clearly learned your lesson" it's off to the Toilet One Foot From the Bed Hotel. I knew making it impossible for educators to use their own discretion was a good idea, now we see just how good.

A video of Bautista's court appearance showed the high school senior fidgeting in an orange jumpsuit as the charges against him were read.

Fidgeting. The gateway drug that leads to every other form of moral turpitude. Slouching, mumbling and whispering also fall into that category.

His aunt and grandfather told WFOR-TV, he's a hardworking student and a good kid.

Hopefully those are actually two different people.

All kids are good, after all. Until they act up. Then justice must come down with the force of an anvil made of depleted uranium.

Bautista was a senior and scheduled to graduate within a few weeks. The Miami-Dade School District sent a statement to WFOR-TV which said "expulsion" was still a possibility.

"A meteor striking the school is also still a possibility."

Now to change that embarrassing "B+" and restore my 5.25 GPA.

"The school district takes incidents like this very seriously. In addition to the arrest and ongoing criminal investigation, the Code of Student Conduct provides for corrective strategies up to and including recommendation for expulsion," read the statement.

"You are listening to a recording," it also stated. 

Calls to numbers listed as his family members were not answered.

Attempts to hack into the family computer are still ongoing.

Don't visit the ad-riddled source.

Komment Korner

Hey. maybe he can fix the ACA.

If he were smart, he wouldn't have to change his grades

Everybody gets a trophy.....or steals one.

This woman looks like a man.

He should get an "A" in hacking. Or is it all Pass/Not Pass now?

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