Wednesday, April 9, 2014

News You Can't Use: Selfie Addiction May Cause Mental Illness

Everyone is special and magical and should live hermetically sealed lives free from any failure or criticism, but you're also all deeply sick in the head and in need of lots of expensive treatment and drugs. The convergence of these equal and opposite forces is about as ugly as you'd expect, but on the other hand here's an article that actually quotes Psychology Today which I assumed had folded years ago, so there's that.

Having an addiction to taking selfies, may cause mental illness, according to an expert.

Having a harmful addiction may cause harmful addictions, according to some egg head with nothing better to talk about.

Danny Bowman, a man diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder, explained that he grew suicidal due to his addiction taking selfies, Guardian Liberty Voice reported.

"Your 'worst selfie ever' jokes aren't funny, my brother committed suicide because of them."

Bowman shared that he would shoot about 200 pictures a day in an attempt to take the “right” selfie of himself. He also said that he would spend up to 10 hours a day taking selfies.

If you were a teen girl this would be healthy, but you're not so it's a mental illness.

Bowman attempted suicide by taking an overdose of drugs when he couldn’t take what he felt to be the perfect selfie.

Obviously it was the self-photography driving this guy over the edge and not the other two dozen major life failures.

In trying to care for Bowman, Dr. David Veal expressed to Guardian Liberty Voice that taking too many selfies may cause mental illness, including body dysmorphic disorder, which has an “extremely high suicide rate.”

He had the problem first. It was not caused by the "selfies." I have just ruined this whole article with the equivalent of a shot glass full of logic.

You mad, mental health industry?

Bowman’s parents, who are both mental health professionals

I think we may have isolated the problem.

They believe there is a “huge lack of understanding” about how risky electronic gadgets and social media can be for users.

Don't forget the risks of "mirrors," but I guess that isn't a trendy subject any more. Let me check twitter to be sure. Nope. #Mirror is not trending.

Expert Dr. Pamela Rutledge explained in an article for Psychology Today that taking selfies is indicative of narcissism, attention seeking behavior and self-indulgence.

Yes, it really does still exist. And look, it's still full of alarmist over-reactions to ordinary behavior! Nice to see that some things never change. 

Don't visit the ad-filled source.

Komment Korner  

Being extremely self absorbed is a mental disorder. Taking lots of pictures of yourself is just plain stupid.

"self absorbed". You mean, like our "narcissist-in-chief"?

It's an effect of mental illness, not a cause.

How about this: "Expert: Mentally Ill People Do Crazy Things"

When I saw Barack Obama take that selfie with the blonde Danish prime minister in front of Michelle, I knew we're screwed. Does Obama have any good judgment or self control? It appears not.

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