Wednesday, February 15, 2017

News You Can't Use: Judge Orders Mom Not to Get Pregnant Again

We live in a land of laws, no seriously stop laughing, and who better to interpret and enforce them than lawyers in black dresses? It just makes sense: spending your entire adult life finding ways to subvert and obfuscate plain language for your own selfish benefit is more than adequate preparation to become the defender of this sacred code in the twilight of your life. And if you maybe get a little wild with the rulings, that's to be expected and even praised. In New York City, where we don't play, sucker, the magistrates are ordering the world's worst scumbags not to have more children.

A western New York judge has ordered a mother not to get pregnant again until she is able to “get her life together” and become a responsible caretaker for her children, issuing the controversial decision after a fourth child was taken from the woman because of neglect.

It takes a special sort of "blank slate" madness to honestly believe someone like this is going to reform after a little tough talk and the court-ordered removal of a child she probably deeply resented as a burden. Maybe we should actually punish her instead of blowing hot air, but I guess offering a chance to take Strike Five is enough.

The woman, referred to in court documents as Brandy F., is a sex worker and drug addict who allegedly admitted to ingesting crack cocaine, methadone and alcohol while pregnant, Monroe County Family Court Judge Patricia Gallaher wrote in the December 27 decision.

Even by Big Apple standards this is a Bad Mother.

Her first child, born in 2007, has lived with his maternal grandmother after it was discovered he was “not protected from access to hypothermic needle."

Luckily an hilarious typo saves us from the grinding horror of urban rot and the broken humans it has swallowed up. Honestly, that needle is freezing, man! Get a coat on that sucker.

“Over and over this court has had to order children removed from the mother only to see her show up in court in a few months obviously pregnant, often by another man"

Yeah. Another man is generally required for the "where do babies come from" miracle.

In her ruling, Gallaher wrote that her goal was to allow Brandy to stabilize her life so she could one day have custody of her children.

Pollyanna shakes her head and tells you to start being a realist about this situation.

Brandy’s sons and daughter “would most probably rejoice in having [a] mother who was clean, sober and competent, and hopefully even would love them as a mother should love her children,” Gallaher wrote.

I'd most probably rejoice if I walked into my bedroom and Taylor Swift was waiting, naked and covered in various flavors of chocolate and ice cream, but that ain't happening either.

The judge, who retired in December, noted the responsibility to get Brandy back on track not only falls on the shoulders of the mother-of-four, who did not appear in court,  but also on caseworkers to offer family planning and contraception, as the law allows.

I'm literally giving a sermon to the walls. How about you case workers? You can fix this, right? I'm counting on you! *retires the next day*

Caseworkers cannot require a client to utilize family planning or contraception.

This might make that whole "carry it on your shoulders" thing a little difficult.

Ron Lugbill, Brandy’s attorney, told WHEC that they plan to appeal the decision.

It is absolutely essential that this drug-addicted prostitute has a fifth child, Idiocracy-style, and we're going to make sure it happens.

Abandoning your child is endangering the welfare of a child and it is a crime, not a constitutional right.

Whoa dude, let's wait until activist judges review this before we make this sort of outrageous statement.

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Komment Korner

hypothermic needle?? what the hell is that?

People became 'hooked' on the Government 'Hand-Outs' which were not a 'Hand-Up' at all to the people that should have realized the true essence of the potential of the help.   

Kudows on the judge

Amanda Rooney.... maybe we can bring this up at the brown bag!

my gf's parents just got an almost new red Buick Regal GS only from working off a laptop.  

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