Wednesday, September 2, 2015

News You Can't Use: Police Union Calling For Arby’s Boycott After Officer Denied Service

I'm thinking Arby's. I'm also thinking that my left arm is tingling, there's a tightness in my chest, uncontrollable flatulence and other symptoms of total biological system failure, but it's worth it to enjoy heavily salted, cancer causing bovine products. It's also our right, insured by constitutional guarantees, to be able to go in and purchase that meat log regardless of who or what you are. So it comes as a small shock, a mild "how about that" to learn that the thin blue line that protects us from tyranny got poor treatment at this bottom-level deli.

A South Florida police union is calling for a national boycott of Arby’s after police say an officer was denied service.

What will win, my sense of outrage at injustice or the fact that my cheddar and beef curtain burger is so full of delicious sodium and fats.

Police said an employee at an Arby’s located at 11755 Pines Blvd denied the uniformed officer service on Monday night. 

Arby's employees, they're a law on to themselves. That scrawny and heavily acned fifteen year-old has been given the power to bind and to loose. Well, at least when it comes to wadded beef.  

“I am offended and appalled that an individual within our community would treat a police officer in such a manner.  It is unacceptable,” stated PPPD Chief Dan Giustino.

Thanks to everything and anything being classed as offensive it's hard to get much traction when a legitimate miscarriage of justice occurs. They protect us from barbarism and we won't even sell them "the meats." This is something that can not be accepted. The line must be drawn in the sand. Today it's this, tomorrow it might be doughnut shops and coffee dispensaries. We must hold back this day.

In reaction to the incident the Dade County Police Benevolent Association is calling for the employees involved to be fired.

Welcome to 2015 America where losing your low-paying, filthy and generally horrible fast food job is seen as a deterrent for bad behavior. I've flipped the burgers myself, and most people didn't seem too worried about getting the hook. In fact, more than once someone left after yelling some variation of "Why don't you go have oral sex with me?" but again, the times have changed.

As a proud swine-eater I have certain expectations.

In this case, after the clerk refused to serve the officer, the manager came up to the window laughing and said that the clerk had the right to refuse service to the officer.

When the "Can I see your manager?" gambit is preemptively defeated, you're stuck. 

After that the officer said she wasn’t certain she wanted to dine at the restaurant but the manager assured her everything was okay and handed the officer the food, according to the report.

Hmmmm. Better apply those crime-solving skills.

That’s when the officer said she was unsure about the condition of her food, decided not to eat there and asked for a refund, the report states.

Good call.

The company issued a statement on the matter saying, “We take this isolated matter very seriously as we respect and support police officers in our local communities. As soon as the issue was brought to our attention, our CEO spoke with the Police Chief who expressed his gratitude for our quick action and indicates the case is closed.  We will be following up with our team members to be sure that our policy of inclusion is understood and adhered to.” 

Bad behavior, empty and impotent outrage, a feigned apology motivated by fear of lost revenue, lots of meaningless words, the circle of life that moves us all.

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