Wednesday, September 30, 2015

News You Can't Use: How 40,000 'Women' on Ashley Madison Shared Just Six Email Addresses

It's impossible to cheat an honest man and almost as difficult to cheat one that can control his post-marriage horny levels. Luckily, it appears that neither one of those categories represent a significant percentage of the male population, so we get the most obvious and embarrassing scams succeeding beyond even the wildest expectations of their scumbag creators. When you have a brain and a penis, but not enough blood to use them both at once, it's perhaps forgivable that you thought KinkyYoungLuVKittAN301848484 was a real person genuinely interested in joining you for role-playing, adult baby and generally being the two bits on the side. Sadly, it appears that much like winning those Irish lotteries and becoming Nigerian royalty it's just another shuck.

A data scientist has uncovered what he says is proof that Ashley Madison created tens of thousands of fake accounts to dupe members into paying for its services, in a scheme that would have almost doubled the website's revenue.

Yes, we needed a "data scientist" (That's the best kind!) to figure out that this online sword fight wasn't completely on the level when it came to attractive low virtue married women. And it doubled the revenue! You hear that 1-900 meet-up line that advertises during pro wrestling at 1 in the morning? That's the way you do it.

According to statistics seen by Daily Mail Online, 40,000 profiles were set up on the affair site using just six email addresses owned by the website's operators on two separate days.

This was someone's job. "I want you to create 40,000 profiles, all full of unique and believable content, in the next two days. Don't worry, after that's done you're on easy street as the dirtbag in a sexually unfulfilling marriage coin pours in."

It follows claims in previous reports that the extra-marital dating network tried to hide around 100,000 of these so-called 'engager' profiles – sometimes referred to as Ashley Angels - from users, so they believed they were talking to real people.

I just paid for five minutes of simulated infidelity with a profile created by a sixty year old man and using old pictures of Jenny McCarthy. I deserve the worst and, apparently, am going to get it.

If true, this means the real number of 'available' women was drastically reduced, while the website's monthly revenue was almost doubled by the 'engagers', as members have to pay to read their online messages.

Number science has estimated the amount of so-called "real" women at 0, with a small margin for error.

Out of 32million members before the website was hacked, 26.5million were men and just 5.5million women.

It's so exciting see my two favorite things, sleaze and statistical demographics, coming together in such a wonderful and unexpected fashion.

Around 700,000 of these women are said to have been looking for lesbian affairs.

So me no launch pocket rocket, ugh, ugh.

Therefore, if the 100,000 'fembots' are included, there would have been only 4.7million women looking for extramarital relationships with men.

These are not the good kind of "fembots" like in West World.

Jeremy Bullock, the chief data scientist at a UK-based technology firm, said he was suspicious of Ashley Madison’s recruitment methods, so searched through the data released by hackers last month looking for anomalies.

I was just doing "research!" Honest!

Looking closely at the data, he found only six email addresses had been used to generate a total of around 40,000 'fake' women. One of these was host@almlabs – another IP address owned by Avid Life Media. 

I'd call this an outrage, but if you voluntarily entered this pit of spiritual sludge you deserved whatever happened.

He added: ‘I believe that this data shows that despite Ashley Madison’s protestations to the contrary, member generation was going on at a industrial scale and that there is a clear trail of evidence leading back to the company.’ 

We must put a stop to the simulated adultery fembot industrial complex.

My unbelievable wit and charm will impress all the robot ladies!

According to documents seen by Daily Mail Online they received generic messages such as 'are you online' to create the illusion a woman was trying to start a conversation with them.

Yeah, that's how women talk all right.

This means some members supposedly paid up to $290 to interact with someone who didn’t actually exist.

Nearly one-third large to be asked about your "online" status by a bot. Our government gets better deals on hammers and light bulbs.

This has prompted two lawsuits in California and Maryland by men who think they were deliberately deceived.  

"I just wanted to engage in illicit activity like any good American. Give me money." When bad things happen to bad people we need a legal remedy.

Ashley Madison, which has denied creating the bots, has failed to respond to numerous requests from Daily Mail Online for comment.  

Admit nothing, refuse all interview requests, hide from this a online smut merchant or the Hillary Clinton campaign?

One of the accounts, under the name Sensuous Kitten, was listed as the 11th member of Ashley Madison.

Seems legit.

Komment Korner  

So that fashion model who liked football and who owned a pub was fake?

Men are so dumb

Yeah. I went on a date with an Ashley Madison affair-woman. I became suspicious of their business model when I got to the restaurant and all there was at my table was a life sized cardboard cutout of a woman. She was lovely, but her personality was so flat that I didn't even take her home with me. I cancelled my membership the next morning.

It amazes me that more people haven't figured out that we live in the Age of the Scam.

WELL, Now we KNOW what kind of BOTS they are - we are just negotiating PRICE!

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