Wednesday, July 1, 2015

News You Can't Use: 'Fatal Attraction' Event Series in the Works at Fox

According to compensated endorsements, television has never been better. I mean, you like passive entertainment, endless inferior "re-imaginings" and a healthy dose of unwanted political messages while you sit on a badly damaged couch drooling on yourself, right? Well, obviously. It follows that I'm very excited to deliver the news about an exciting semi-new show sure to find its rightful place in the vast wasteland. Let's get excited about the moron box and then a year from now you can watch "Season One" in one long, pathetic marathon session, sucking your thumb and sobbing openly in between crushing fistfuls of food that, strictly speaking, doesn't qualify as food.

The reboot trend continues.

When even the Hollywood Reporter, a website that regularly wades nose-deep in spiritual slime is struggling to conceal its obvious disdain you know you've got a hot property.

Fox is developing a remake of 1987 Michael Douglas, Glenn Close and Anne Archer starrer Fatal Attraction, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

I guess this gives me some hope that my dream of Gattaca: The Series is not in vain.

The project, which received a script commitment, is being eyed as a short-order event series — but with the potential to continue for a second season. Stanley R. Jaffe and Anonymous Content's Rosalie Swedlin will exec produce.

If for some reason this steaming pile of cultural offal obtains popularity and is earning money it will continue. This is "Sun rises in the east" level analysis.

Current Fox president of entertainment David Madden developed and supervised the movie — which scored six Oscar nominations — when he was an exec at Paramount's film studio.

Yes, a movie about the dangers of sticking it into crazy that features a pet rabbit cook-out somehow received critical acclaim. Certainly this is useful ammunition for the "against" side in one of those "Mass entertainment used to be better!" debates that we're all constantly having.

The potential series is described as a reimagining of the iconic thriller, in which a married man’s indiscretion comes back to haunt him.

Endless exciting scenes of a divorce lawyer taking away all his possessions!

For Fox, the deal comes as the network is poised to reboot The X-Files and launch film-to-TV remakes with Minority Report and a new take on Frankenstein.

This time Frankenstein's monster is part robot and inhabits a steam punk world he never made! Brilliant!

At Paramount, meanwhile, Fatal Attraction comes as the TV division continues to mine its film library for the small screen.

Something bad but familiar is far better than something new, original and competent.

I watched the first three seasons over one weekend!

Reboots and remakes have been a major development season trend this past year — with a few already on the fall schedule as broadcast and cable networks alike look for proven hits with built-in audiences in a bid to draw live viewers in an increasingly crowded original scripted landscape. 

In other words you might want to consider turning the electronic toilet off and keeping it off.

Komment Korner  

Adultery, racy sexual scenarios, lunacy, violence...perfect fit for American pop culture.

My son's mother is a Borderline, I live it every darn day of my life.


I don't want to see a stretched out version of a classic movie with inferior actors.

What is needed is showing the crazed broad cooking the rabbit.

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