Wednesday, July 29, 2015

News You Can't Use: Naked Connecticut Man, 81, Arrested For Illegally Communing With Nature

You're into shrubs, right? Of course you are, every healthy person is. Well, it turns out some unhealthy people are too, believe it or not. Today's story has a little bit of everything (and a whole lot of nothing, but what did you expect?). Randy senior citizens, chances to make "Bush" jokes that even I won't be dignifying and various cheeky references to the adult act that we as a society apparently can't get enough of.

A Connecticut octogenarian is facing criminal charges after he was spotted, sans clothing, “humping” a bush outside his home, police report.

Bobby Brown, take it away...

When you trust an old man
and you know you're in their garden
You ain't got no trustin' about you
And you claim that you
Don't care that we met at an erotic fertilizer convention
You've given me reason to doubt you
Say you trust someone
Why you peering over my backyard fence
Thinking I've got plants on the side
You don't trust no one
You have to see eighty-year-old nudity if you play that way

Get up off my crops
Make this agony stop
Ain't nobody humpin' a bush

Wallace Berg, 81, was arrested Monday on public indecency and breach of peace charges in connection with the incident last month at his Stratford residence.  

That moppery case will have to wait, we've got to punish an old man that got busy with shrubbery.

According to cops, a neighbor called 911 to report that Berg was walking around his backyard in the nude and had communed with a bush.

Yeah, call the emergency line for this one. Heart attacks, crimes in progress, naked oldsters with uncontrolled botanical horny levels, it's all the same.

The neighbor, who filmed Berg’s antics and later showed the video to police, told cops that he confronted the pensioner.

I hope I never reach a point in life where "filming" (that's not how modern cameras work, mainstream media) literal beating around the bush becomes necessary.

In response, Berg “stopped the indecent behavior, covered himself with a grill cover, apologized to him and then went into the house,” police reported.

Grill covers, is there anything they can't do? Helping with the cooking process, covering your withered elderly genitalia, etc.

Berg, a retired embalmer, is free on $10,000 bond and is scheduled for an August 5 Superior Court hearing.

Someone from Death Inc. that isn't psychologically well-adjusted? Hard to believe.

As seen above, while the backyard of Berg’s modest ranch home is ringed by bushes, the plantings did not keep him out of view of onlookers, police noted. 

Yes, they thought we needed to see some satellite images. For this story. Yeah.

Full Article.

Komment Korner

LESSON....NEVER apologize....

It's Bush's fault!

You ever heard of tree huggers?

Leave him alone and tell the cops to F off.

Personally, I 'identify' as a 15 year-old Girl Scout

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