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News You Can't Use: Family Offended After Stranger Addresses Mourners

Your opinions and observations are extremely valuable and it's important that you share them with the world as often as possible. Whether yelling things at a bus station, sharing your plans to fix society from a bar stool or laying down sick insight at a stranger's funeral there's never a bad time to run that mouth. Trust me, everyone will be grateful, you certainly won't be called a racist and we'll all profit from the thoughts are too good to hoard all to yourself when everyone else is begging for them like the salivating hounds that we surely are.

A Quincy family was stunned when a stranger suddenly got up at their mother’s funeral and started making comments which they feel were racially insensitive to the Asian community.

This is not the time to make that Kamikaze joke, it really isn't.

On March 18th, Adrian Wong delivered the eulogy to his mother who passed away from lung cancer. “She was not a smoker. Not exposed to secondhand smoke. Never worked with chemicals. She was simply unlucky,” he told a room full of mourners.

I always thought the role of a eulogy was to praise the deceased and not to serve as an instant replay review of their final hours, possibly laying the groundwork for some sort of Perry Mason investigation or whatever. I better quick get on the microphone and tell everyone this just flashed across the cortex.

Adrian was supposed to be the only speaker, but when he finished, a man named David Small, who the family didn’t know, got up, uninvited, and started addressing mourners.

This is not the time or the place to debut your "dirty South" rap career.

Small speculated that it was “smoke in Asian churches” that led to Carol Tan Wong’s death.

You know what, that's really good. Here's a participation trophy, congratulations on showing up and sharing your social retardation.

“I’m not affected by this but I see that the smoke in the church in the Asian churches is so prevalent that I gag when I go inside,” Small said, adding when a funeral director asked him to step aside, “I hope what I’ve told you about the smoke in the church is not taken in offense. I mean it’s your culture.”

No, hold up dawg, I gotta finish this point. I'm just saying it gets all smokey in your ding ling ping ping rooms, that's all. I'm not trying to be offensive, really. It's just like a fog up in durr, that's all.

The Wong family was offended and posted a video of Small’s comments on YouTube.

I was so offended I had to show it to the entire world. Be sure to thumbs up, subscribe and share this horrible moment we all want to forget. Man, basic propriety could not be more dead.

Adrian Wong demanded an apology from Small because he believed the comments to be a broad misperception about the Asian community.

Yes, "smoke in the churches" is a pretty common and hateful stereotype, let's get a coerced apology. People mourn in strange ways, etc.

“I think he owes an apology not just to me, but to the entire community.”

You'll have to go door-to-door or something.

 Now you have to apologize to every Irish person, too.

Small, a private investigator in Quincy, told WBZ-TV he was invited to the funeral by his girlfriend who he says is Asian.

Look at the mess my serial monogamy got me into this time.

Small said he was trying to make the point that in his opinion there’s a “high rate of smoking in the Asian community, and Asians burn incense in their churches, which is a health risk.”

If I could interpret basic social cues this might have been prevented, but I can't.

Small says he sends a heartfelt apology to the Wong family.

Problem solved???

Full Article.

Komment Korner 

How psychotic do you have to be to get up in a funeral where you don’t know anyone and speculate on what killed grandma?

Remember what that clown who is married to the other clown with a really huge butt  

I don’t see the big deal, I go to unknown funerals all the time and speak at length about the ills of society 


He picked the Wong funeral to start this stuff.

Thank you, Ted Kennedy.

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