Wednesday, April 15, 2015

News You Can't Use: Public Trust in the Web 'Eroded' Says Global Cyber Commission

Do you trust the invisible tubes that beam data sets for the hard sciences and celebrities at their absolute worst images across the world? It's about as legitimate as asking "Do you trust these shelves full of books?" or "Do you trust the road in front of your house?" but it's something we're forced to address. Does the average person still share their credit card information with the Nigerian royal family or get excited about new job opportunities giving your bank information to former Iron Curtain country thugs? Against all odds, it seems that we're slowly gaining a grasp on basic common sense. Don't too excited, it's just a pronouncement from a worthless globalist body.

The public's trust in the Internet has been severely eroded by a cloak-and-dagger approach to collecting private data online leaving it open to abuse, the Global Commission on Internet Governance said on Wednesday.

I posted a picture of myself getting shitfaced and a potential employer looked at it and decided to go with the candidate who wasn't into morning cork-sucking. Real cloak and dagger, here. Look out, James Bond, the HR department just learned that the right button on the mouse does things.

"Confidence must be restored in the Internet because trust is eroding," commission head Carl Bildt told a press conference in The Hague, ahead of a two-day conference on cyber freedom, safety and security.

Please, place your faith in something that, by its very nature, is inherently untrustworthy. We must restore your trust in strangers that want to take your money and/or organs, it's very important. Bring back the ignorance, it's bliss.

Bildt, a former Swedish prime minister, said distrust was brought about by "the non-transparent market in collecting, centralising, integrating and analysing enormous quantities of private information about individuals and enterprises."

If someone had just explained that my jingoistic rants on a public forum would actually be read by others, I might not have called for another war with Spain, etc.

Maybe don't put that private information into the old sex box, there's an idea.

Once collected, the information is targeted by governments for surveillance "in ways that have a chilling effect on fundamental human rights, in particular freedom of expression and legitimate dissent and protest," the Global Commission said in an 18-page report released on Wednesday.

We'll fix your tyrannical government run amok by getting your to trust the spider web again.

Criminals too abused personal data including on the "Dark Web" -- the hidden part of the Internet protected by powerful encryption software.

If you need me I'll be busy posting wacky cat pictures to the Dark Web.

Law enforcement should be allowed to gather data for their investigations but should be "specified in advance, authorised by law and consistent with the principles of necessity and proportionality," the commission added.

Never has so little been said with so many five dollar words.

Your snail recipes are no longer safe.

"Individuals and businesses must be protected from both the misuse of the Internet by terrorists, cyber groups and the overreach of governments and businesses that collect and use private data," it said.

Yeah, let's all get on that.

Komment Korner  

another stellar example of why all career bureaucrats, politicians, and global collectivists should be euthanized for the good of humanity.

ISIS training camp confirmed 8 miles south of El Paso

I'm from the government and I'm here to help you.

What kind of #$%$ would trust the "Web" to begin with?

It's not the holly grail of privacy

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