Wednesday, December 4, 2013

News You Can't Use: Man Moves into Home While Family is Away and Claims He Now Owns It

Are you a bad enough dude to commit a criminal act and then declare you're in the right by wildly misinterpreting property laws? Well, some guy in the rust belt was and here we are. Know someone planning a Winter Season vacation? Get those burglary tools ready and you just might be the next horrible bastard to hit the "quiet title" jackpot!

Imagine going out of town to visit a dying relative only to come home and find a complete stranger living in your house; and worse, that stranger now says he legally owns that house.

It's easy if you try. You might say I'm a dreamer, but the massive evidence you're about to read suggests otherwise.

WLWT-TV reported that Robert Carr moved into a house, changed the locks, and emptied the house.

I think there's a word for this...right on the tip of the tongue. Oh, I know. "Burglary."

Carr says he is able to claim the property through something called a “quiet title.” He says the family abandoned the house and gave up their rights.

Upskirt photography as a constitutional right almost seems valid compared to this.

Carr wants to keep the home and not have to pay a penny.

Make your own obvious "Obama" joke here, it's too easy.

The family has charged Carr with breaking and entering but he is even fighting that charge.

As far as heart-warming Winter Season tales go, this one isn't quite getting the job done.

Brazen criminality victory for one of "the scumbags."

The FBI has been informed about this case.

Their response was "sorry, not interested."

The family in this case has called this ordeal a nightmare.

The family has called this hard thing really hard.

“It’s really been hard,” the homeowner told the station.

See? Told ya.

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I have a right to KICK in MY FRONT DOOR! ANYONE IN MY HOUSE....Gets to MEET GOD!

This POC needs to have a 'quite title' to a jail cell for 5 years.


A dog doesn't run out of bullets.


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