Wednesday, December 18, 2013

News You Can't Use: Dad: 5-Year-Old Suspended For Making Gun Gesture With Hand

Guns, war and defending yourself are bad. "Troops," the wars they fight and the police state are good. We must doublethink this, and punish small children who struggle with these two contradictory ideas.

A 5-year-old boy was reportedly suspended from school after making a gun gesture with his hand on the playground.

Time to punish some of that "Hand Crime." Considering the usual overreactions this half-pint got off pretty light. I mean, what, no being placed on that terrorist watch and/or severe audit for life list?

His father, David Hendrix, was furious when he found out his son was issued a suspension for the gesture.

We can't punish him for getting angry.


“He was playing army on the playground,” Hendrix told WBTV. “I just felt like the punishment was way too severe.”

What the rug-rat did was wrong, after all. The punishment was just too much. Maybe next time just thirty minutes locked in a closet or putting a life-ruining note in the permanent record or some combination of that.

The boy was issued a one day in-school suspension from his kindergarten class at Pinewood Elementary School.

See, this is why we're having so much trouble closing the "hide-and-seek" gap with other industrialized nations. To say nothing of valuable "skipping" and "opening milk container" skills that will inevitably deteriorate during this exile.

“I requested an immediate meeting that night with him myself and the school board, at their pleasure, anytime that night. And at that point they decided it was not worth the effort, not worth the headache and dropped everything right then and there,” Hendrix told WBTV.

My love of laziness versus my love of Soviet-style authoritarianism...which will win out?

Put him in jail!

In the school’s handbook, there is no mention of punishment for making a ‘gun gesture’ with your hand, WBTV reported.  Calls made by WBTV to the school went unanswered.

Some paper-pusher used his or her own discretion with predictable disastrous results. Now it's time to use  those 43rd among First World Nations hiding skills until this whole ugly thing goes away.

Do not visit the typical "CBS" mess of a website. It's true, all you "C" is "BS."

Komment Korner  

He will now grow up with a fear of joining the Military.

Democrats are as dumb as a bag of hammers.  

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

I love to see threats from the nameless/faceless.

Finger NAZI - "No finger bullets for YOU!"

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