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Anne of Cleves: Henry's Luckiest Wife by D. Lawrence-Young

Title: Anne of Cleves: Henry's Luckiest Wife

Author: D. Lawrence-Young

Genre: Historical Fiction

Length: 292 pages

Release Date: July 2013

ISBN-13: 978-0615827377

Imprint: Celestial Press - GMTA Publishing

Available: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Book Description:

It is winter 1539. King Henry VIII is galloping through the night to Rochester to meet a young woman. Just arrived in England from Germany, Anne of Cleves is destined to become his fourth wife. He has never met her before. He has only seen her portrait – the portrait of a sweet, demure and innocent young woman. The impatient and lovesick king must see her before their marriage. But this rushed and unplanned rendezvous will shock them and the country both. It will also lead to some completely unexpected and fatal results.

“Anne of Cleves - Henry’s Luckiest Wife” is a well-written, great read! The author, David Lawrence-Young does a fantastic job in telling the tale of Anne of Cleves - one of the notorious King Henry’s many wives.

Set in the early 1500s, the author provides great foreshadowing of things to come in the innocent Anne of Cleves’ life with King Henry. Tension builds as one learns of King Henry’s personality and his ultimate reactions when he becomes displeased. The King sets aside his first wife - abandons her really. His 2nd wife is beheaded and his third wife died after childbirth. In fact, even though his 3rd wife lay dying, King Henry made no attempt to see, nor comfort her. Knowing this, how will life be for the young Anne of Cleves?? She may become queen, - but for how long, and will she survive? Furthermore, if the King is displeased with Anne - then what does life hold for the man who arranged the marriage - Chancellor Thomas Cromwell?

Author David Lawrence-Young has done a fabulous job in his narration of the time, the place, and the misadventures of King Henry the 8th, and his time with “Anne of Cleves:- Henry’s Luckiest Wife”.
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About the Author:

David Lawrence-Young

D. Lawrence-Young takes the often pompous and frequently silly “Shakespeare Authorship Controversy” and turns it into a fast-paced page-turning detective story. All the nooks and crannies of rival candidates and claims are traversed in interesting locations and often funny encounters. The SAC has got under the Shakespeare-loving and teaching David Young’s skin and he has turned this irritant into a pleasure to read and from which there is much to learn.

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Author Interview   

1. When did you first start writing?


2. Do you read much? 


If yes, have you always loved reading?


3. Who’s your favorite author?  What’s your favorite book?

No favorites, but I love “Three Men in a Boat”- It’s v. v. funny.

4. What writers have influenced you the most?

Nobody special.

5. Do you have a favorite fictional character? 


6. What are you working on right now?  Can you tell us something about it?

Writing a sequel after my novel about Anne of Cleves – Henry VIII’s fourth wife, about Henry VIII’s fifth wife, Catherine Howard.

7. Is there anything in particular that you do to get in the mood to write, or to get in the ‘zone’?  Any particular pre-writing routines?

No, I am lucky. I can write anywhere and don’t need special pens, rooms, karma etc. I often play light classical music in background.

8. Where do you do your writing?

Usually in the spare/guest room in my flat or in the kitchen.

9. How do you approach your writing? Do you do outlines? Character bios? Etc?

I sometimes write very sketchy outlines and maybe a few words about the main characters.

10. Do you have any advice for other writers?

Yes, keep at it and pray!!!

11. Are you a morning person or evening person? Day or night?

Often morning but can also work happily at night.

12. Do you have any pets?


13. What’s your favorite ‘I need a break from writing’ activity?

Going for a walk, reading something light or the newspaper or a magazine.

14. How do you approach writing sex scenes? They can range from mild to wild. Where are you on the mild to wild meter?

Started off as cold, now getting much hotter, but not too hot as I write historical  not erotic novels.

15. Do you write in one genre or more than one?

90% historical novels but I have written a short mystery story, but that was based on a true historical incident.

16. Are you self-published or with a publishing house?

Publishing house, incl.GMTA.

17. What are your thoughts on getting a literary agent?

Have tried but not succeeded. Perhaps being an ex-pat Brit not living in U.K. makes agents think they don’t want to take me on. Getting an agent for me has proved harder than getting a publisher.

18. What about marketing?  How do you approach that area?

Give ideas to publishers or contact useful people directly. Also advertise my books on my website.

19. What about beta readers?  Do you use them?  How many do you have?  Where do you find them?

Don't use beta readers.

20. What’s your favorite food?

Very happy with thick fresh bread and bitter orange marmalade. Also breakfast cereals, but not the very sugary ones.

21. What’s your favorite color?


22. Is there a particular website or facebook page or blog that you, as a writer, find very helpful?


23. What’s your favorite time of the year?

Summer, but now I am ageing, (67+) I don’t dislike winter any more.

24. What’s your most recent book about?  And where can people buy it?

“Anne of Cleves – Henry’s  luckiest wife” a biographical novel about Henry VIII’s fourth wife. Can be bought from GMTA or Amazon etc.

25. As a writer, what do you feel is your strongest gift or talent or skill that you have, that helps you the most as a writer?

My love of history and trying to put over the situation, politics and atmosphere of the period/action/event I am describing.

Maybe this comes of having been a school teacher for 46 years and explaining ideas & events to kids etc.

26. Please share some of your links with us where people can find your books.

Also on Facebook

Anne of Cleves: Henry's Luckiest Wife is now Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble

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