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Soul Awareness: A Spiritual Awakening to Self Knowledge and Healing by Carol J. Murto, CH, MH

Title: Soul Awareness: A Spiritual Awakening to Self Knowledge and Healing

Author: Carol J. Murto, CH, MH

Genre: Spiritual/Self-Help

Length: 144 pages

Release Date: June 2013

ISBN-13: 978-0615829739

Imprint: Celestial – GMTA Publishing

Available: Amazon

Book Description:

Soul Awareness – A Spiritual Awakening to Self Knowledge and Healing is a Spiritual self help book, designed to bring a fresh awareness of what our Soul is and to serve as a guide to help heal at the deepest level – the Soul level. With clear, practical instruction and fascinating case histories from Carol’s 16 years as a healing practitioner, Soul Awareness will provide Spiritual direction and support through the text itself; true life stories of personal Soul healing and meditations. Soul Awareness offers tools that are appropriate for the beginner who is exploring the process of their deeper spirituality and the function of the Soul as well as individuals who may have been exploring their Soul connection and Spirituality for a life time. The direction provided in this book can lead the individual to heal on all levels; the Spiritual, physical, and psychological. Once healed, each individual life is opened to new possibilities including finding one’s life purpose.

About the Author:

Carol J. Murto

Carol is the author of Soul Awareness - A Spiritual Awakening to Self Knowledge and Healing. This book has its roots in Carol’s Soul Awareness class and it was inspired by Carol’s healing work with her clients. A writer since childhood, Carol has always found a variety of venues as an expression for her writing talents, but it is with Soul Awareness that Carol was truly inspired to bring to the page a reflection of internal content that is not only learned based on her 16 years of experience in her healing work, but also channeled. Carol teaches, holds public forums and hosts prayer/healing gatherings.

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Guest Post

How is Soul Awareness – A Spiritual Awakening to Self-Knowledge and Healing related to the healing work that I do?

In working with my client’s and their many and varied situations, they have consistently revealed their Souls. And it is beautiful and magnificent, by the way…

I started receiving information all those 16 years ago about the Soul. My client’s revealed history, and the Divine gave me information. It is with this that I put together a syllabus for my Soul Awareness ™ class.   I believe that I received this information and it all came together so that our Souls wouldn’t be missed and that we would come to understand our Divinity. It has been really important to relay who we are (our spirit/Soul) as reality, not fiction, or some hope, but the truth. I know that the information, first taught in class, and now in book form rings as a universal truth, not my truth or your truth but everyone’s truth. That is what real truth is – it is universally understood and most importantly felt as the truth.

And so the healing work is related to the book in that I received the information from my clients about the Soul and the Divine revealed information regarding the Soul during the healing work. This is how the book was, over time, revealed to me.

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