Wednesday, August 12, 2015

News You Can't Use: Developer Stephen Ross’s RSE Ventures Invests in Drone Racing

When I first read the headline I thought we were talking about male bees, but it's actually a reference to those amazing devices that unsuccessfully spread democracy in various sandboxes and successfully attack our privacy and sense of security elsewhere. That's all great, but do they race? The answer is yes, provided we can find some way to make this dead on arrival idea palatable to the same investors that are innocent lambs ripped off by the world's worst people according to a debate I saw once. And why not? Watching objects chase each other, that's what's up.

Developer Stephen Ross is renowned in real estate for high-profile projects around the country and in sports for his ownership of the Miami Dolphins.

Bubbles, slums and a losing football team...let me go get that checkbook for drone racing. It was either this or run for President, I guess.

Now he is looking to make a name for himself in a new niche: drone racing.

We've tried killing things, violating constitutional rights and voyeurism...what else is left?

The League intends to make money through sponsorships, media and ticket sales.

 That #13 Coca-Cola drone is a real intimidater! Please keep watching.

Over the years numerous spectator sports have enjoyed splashy debuts and harbored hopes of becoming mainstream, from roller derby to arena football. After the initial buzz faded, interest in the sports often has petered out.

In fairness arena football was never popular, did not have a "splashy" debut, and still enjoys nominal popularity with the sub-brick segment of our great Democracy.

The Drone Racing League is targeting a growing audience: videogame players and other technology-oriented types.

The main problem, as the parents of this target audience already know, will be finding ways to get them to leave the house.

The machines are nimble enough to navigate the old factories and other interior spaces in which the Drone Racing League is planning its races.

Man, the complete and total death of the American manufacturing industry is the gift that keeps on giving! We can race tiny flying devices in the ruins of our economy, can't wait.

Earlier this summer, the League held a nonpublic trial race inside the abandoned Glenwood Power Plant in Yonkers. 

I'm trying to imagine something more depressing.

These are real athletes.

Six pilots standing on the power plant floor controlled their drones as they flew down the warehouse’s hallways and through open windows. 

The ghosts of our national pride and dignity gave a hearty thumbs up before dissolving into mist.

“It’s a completely immersive experience that’ll make you feel like you’re flying,” said Drone Racing League founder Nick Horbaczewski.

Imagine the thrill of zooming around rusted out equipment in a long-dead Allentown factory!

“I felt [drone racing] could be a sport that resonated with people because it touches on the heritage of racing, but also brings in the benefits of new technology,” he said.

It's a happy marriage of our disastrous past and bleak future.

Mr. Refsland said the sport might need to make some changes to become more fan friendly. “It’s not exciting to watch gnats fly in a football field all day,” he said. He believes the sport will become more appealing if spectators can view the images racers see through their virtual reality goggles.

Virtual reality googles? Really? It's not 1993 anymore.

Mr. Higgins acknowledged that RSE’s investment in the Drone Racing League is a risky one. “Our first threshold to cross is to persuade the world that this has potential to be a sport,” he said.

 Parting fools from their money, the eternal struggle of the big talker with a horrible idea.

Komment Korner  

Probably the only reason most people watch NASCAR is for the potential pile ups that occur in the races

Introduce betting for attendees and it will really "take off". 

I immediately loved it. More please!!

Better make sure there are barf bags available for spectators.

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