Wednesday, October 8, 2014

News You Can't Use: Young Gamblers Want Skill With Their Slot Machines

Hi Lucky, how would you like to bet some federal reserve magic on "Red?" Of course you would. But oh no, you're young and therefore full of wisdom and exciting new ideas that definitely need to be implemented immediately because stupid old tradition is, by definition, bad. For the nothing generation the thrill of wagering against probabilities stacked against you simply isn't enough. There must be skill, the thrill of the hunt, the bleep bloop of the video game. Fortunately, Friend Casino is prepared to cater to your unique pathology.

With the gambling industry anxious to attract younger players, some slot machine makers are looking to challenge the generation raised on video games.

More like raised by video games, am I right? Can't wait to play that "Mass Effect" slot machine where you can romance various alien organisms in between losing all your rent money.

Players in the United Kingdom will soon get a chance to make real wagers after sinking a battleship, knocking a character off a perch, or playing a word worth a triple-word score.

It's time like this I'm sad that the course of human events caused us to sever ties with our "friends" across the Atlantic. Just think, we could be playing "Sink the Arizona!" or "Knock the Chav off the Porch" or "Scrabble" in our casinos.

In Mexico City, Merkur Gaming is testing a slot machine that has players sit inside a cozy, futuristic-looking orb much like sensory heavy arcade video games.

Get into this orb. Wager. You're going to love it.

It's all part of a push to offer more skill-based, social games to attract younger players while retaining more traditional games for women in their 50s and 60s — the most lucrative players.

So all those "Matlock" machines aren't going anywhere.

For them, the allure of slot machines has been simple. Pull the handle or press a button, hear lots of noise and watch excitedly as the reels come to a stop, often so close to a big win that players can't wait to try again.

I think we can all agree that variant response conditioning rules.

At a recent convention of casino game makers in Las Vegas, Edvard Toth, studio head for California-based Gamblit Gaming, sat in front of a four-sided touch-screen table showing how a flick of his finger could launch a virtual slingshot sending a puppy clad in a police uniform flying toward a zombie cat.

You definitely want to get in on the ground floor of the coming "Police Puppies vs. Feline Ghouls" trend that will soon be sweeping our nation.

"This is a slot machine that doesn't look like a slot machine," he said.

Paradoxes such as this one mean big money for you and your criminal syndicate and/or tribal nation.

To meet regulatory rules, the new titles must be as much a game of chance as a traditional slot machine — a requirement that makes it difficult to design a game that includes an element of skill.

I'm down two grand...but I've been so accurate shooting officer puppy at the undead cats...what's going on here???

In the case of Gamblit games, mastering one of the more skilled challenges doesn't win a bet but instead triggers the spin of a reel or wheel, or a roll of dice for a chance at real money.

Before you even get a shot at the rigged game you'll have to clear some hurdles. This is so hip and with it, the young generation refreshing the Earth, man.

What's Hot: Tropical insanity, shooting a cannon at the Sphinx and disco.

Slot machine makers have tried to insert skilled games into traditional slot machines before, Toth said. But it's akin to sticking a slot machine inside the classic video game "Call of Duty" and expecting his grandmother to like it, he said.

You just know that dated reference was probably even worse before the editor fixed it a bit. Probably "Pac Man" or "Space Invaders."

The company is licensed in Nevada but will still need regulators to sign off on the technical side of its games once if it gets a U.S. casino order.

Regulators. We regulate the technical side of pitch the dog games. We're damn good, too. But you can't be any geek off the street. Gotta by handy at realizing "Call of Duty" isn't the hot new game anymore, earn your keep.

With that in mind, makers of more traditional slot machines are offering models with themes incorporating reality TV shows, 1970s superheroes and 1990s sitcom characters.

Match three similar pieces of pop culture vomit and win big prizes!

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Komment Korner

Just like in the movie 'Wargames' , the only way to win is not to play the game.

I predict failure.

I'm 35 and have done some online gambling, I don't trust it.

Kids gambled on a brown guy with a silly Star Wars name, and our country lost.

Then, after my father died, I learned my mother was gambling at a local casino. 

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