Wednesday, September 11, 2013

News You Can't Use: Ready To Pay $6 For A Gallon Of Milk?

Milk is for babies. When you're a man, you drink beer. This, along with "lift heavy and take a multi" forms the crux of my life philosophy, so maybe I'm not well suited to cover today's useless news item. Then again, that particular issue hasn't stopped me so far, so let's discuss milk futures, Uncle Sucker and shooting rockets into a country that none of our elected officials could locate on a map. Yes, those concepts actually are intimately related.

How much would you pay for a gallon for milk?

Wait, don't answer yet! With each order we'll also throw in an attractive plastic container! Yes, you don't even need to bring your own jug, unlike with plastic bags! 

Ken Nobis is with the Michigan Milk Producers Association and notes that Congress has its plate full of very pressing issues and fears the Farm Bill may be on the back burner.

Who could provide a more unbiased opinion on farm legislation than someone from the Milk Producers Association?

He says without congressional action – an old law would kick in – and you could end up paying a lot more.

Unless we make new laws the old, bad laws will come back! And yet there's a few cranks that worry about big government. Clearly we must keep steadily churning out new legislation to keep the lid on.

“Probably, talking in the neighborhood of $5-6 a gallon for milk,” said Nobis. “The consequences are consumers aren’t going to buy the product at that cost.”

"It's this crazy thing called the 'free market' I read about in a book published in 1892."

There have been disagreements over food stamp funding tied to the measure.

Is there a better idea than combining different ill-conceived measures? It's like in the classic cartoon "Transformers" when all those cool cars would jump together to form one huge robot. That was awesome and radical, so clearly we should try to make that happen with every aspect of the human experience.

This is how a bill becomes a law, kids.

“Syria, they’ve got the budget, they’ve got many other issues to address,” Nobis told WWJ’s Beth Fisher.

Illegal foreign war, printing worthless currency...we've got bigger fish to fry.

Ready To See Tons of Annoying Ads at the Original Source?

Komment Korner

Don't worry everyone. The government will give us free milk if we can't afford it. Obamacow will be there for you!

It's not like oil, keep pushing and people will just start buying their own cows.

Wow. What a BRILLIANT IDEA! Let's just tell everyone to Stop Eating Dairy!! OMG!! YOU SOLVED IT!! **SNAFUBAR FOR PRESIDENT!!**

While few believe it or will accept it, the same folks that took control of our monetary system in 1913 with the passage of the treasonous Federal Reserve Act, the Rothchilds, the Bank of England, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan etc etc, have gotten wealthy beyond imagination to the point where they own over 60% controlling interest in every single fortune 500 company on earth today, and they've bought and paid for not only our entire Federal government, which now acts as their agents, but also a near majority of State governments and a near majority of sovereign nation governments world-wide as well. And they're using this enormous wealth to literally change the world to their own agendas and schemes, wars for profit and regional geographic control of natural resources, starvation and disease, a total police state, and elimination of basic human rights, aka the New World Order, aka world economic slavery and oppression. And while few believe it or will accept it, there has been a concerted effort which began over 50 years ago to eliminate the family farm and poison the healthy products offered by the American farm with Monsanto GM franken-foods, manufactured food with chemical poisons as additives, milk and dairy products purposely poisoned by deliberate corporate farming methods of introducing chemicals never meant for ingestion by humans, fast-food manufactured using questionable secret ingredients, inventing futures trading markets with the intent of depressing profits for the farmer, all the while supporting corporate interests with the bizarre subsidy schemes controlling production and profit. Skyrocketing cancer and other disease rates due to contamination of our food supply will only increase as their plan, U.N. Agenda 21, becomes reality and the planned suffering and death results in massive human population reduction. Basically our entire food supply system has been purposely compromised. You don't think they're harassing the farmers selling raw milk, one of the few healthy products left, for no reason do you?

Milk is bad for your health anyways.

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