Wednesday, October 23, 2013

News You Can't Use: Lake Brantley High School Teacher Suspended for Taping Girl Up

Young people, am I right? Worst generation ever. Always with their phones and pinball games and crocodile shoes and all the rest. We sure could use another four to six year conventional world war to thin out their ranks a little. Failing that, maybe we can tape them up.

A Seminole County high school teacher has been suspended for taping a disruptive student's hands together and trying to tape her mouth shut, according to officials.

How he failed to get the mouth when the hands were already disabled is a troubling mystery. You'd think once the grabbers are out of the picture the finish would be a snap. Was the student moving her head a lot or something? These questions need answers.

Greg Sims, a science teacher at Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs, was suspended for five days without pay, according to a letter addressed October 8 from Superintendent Walt Griffin.  His suspension runs through early November.

Too bad he didn't tape the eyes or the obvious "blinded with science" joke could be made organically instead of incredibly awkwardly like I just did there. Enjoy your time away from the little monsters, Greg. I'm sure you'll get a hero's return with sympathetic students voluntarily taping themselves to things in a show of solidarity.

According to the letter, Sims "taped a student’s hands together, attempted to tape her mouth closed as a means of addressing her disturbing class and taped her book bag to a pole in the classroom."

Today's lesson: Your teacher goes insane after years of unsuccessfully trying to reach you little bastards.

"I have determined that your conduct in this situation does not conform to the Seminole County Public Schools Student Conduct and Discipline Code," Griffin wrote.  "This is unacceptable conduct on the part of a professional educator and represents misconduct in office."

After carefully consulting the fifty page section in the code of conduct on when and how you can use adhesive objects to control the future criminals I decided I'd rather keep my own plumb job, thanks.

"Now you're gonna take this duct tape and start wrapping it around your own head..."
The incident marks Sims' third suspension in his 25-year career, all three of which included embarrassing female students, Local 6 reported.

Doing one semi-bad thing every eight years or so (I can do math because binding and gagging students was allowed in my day...) is clearly proof of BAD PERSON.

Komment Korner  

Everybody go listen to The Wall again.

See what "Progressive" education looks like?

Give them tasers. Put the unruly little turds in restraint chairs like they have in jails.

Yeah, that's just what we need... MORE untrained nazi-style authoritarians, willing, able and EMPOWERED to do VIOLENCE with the approval of The State... and against CHILDREN!

Some "students" cannot breathe out of their mouth due to allergies, sinuses, etc. If their mouth were to get taped shut they would not be able to breathe.

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