Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New You Can't Use: Traffic Cameras Bring Ohio Town to Screeching Halt

Wouldn't it be great if we were constantly under government surveillance? Obviously our Inner Party feels this way and since they're reading this, so do I. I love IngSoc! Death to EastAsia, our eternal enemies! I'm certainly not keeping a diary or trying to remember the past. Don't audit me, bro!

In addition to eliminating wrong-think cameras can also make our roads safer by giving tickets to offenders well after the fact. And sometimes not offenders too, I suppose. It's a small price to pay for SAFER ROADS, right? You're not some kind of monster that wants more traffic fatalities, are you? Of course you aren't. Here's your ticket for a light our camera says you ran back in January.

Those traffic cameras drivers hate and municipal bean counters love have brought a small village in Ohio to a grinding halt.

Bean counters, El Oh El. Looks like someone forgot it's really about our safety, just like everything that happens. Those cameras? Your safety. Body cavity search? Your safety. Arrested for unpopular opinions? Safety.

Elmwood Place (pop. 2,188) has seen four of its six Village Council members resign amid public outrage over a flurry of fines issued by the cameras.

I like how the wording makes it sound like no human agency is involved in this at all. The cameras have become self-aware!

“The public is bewildered with what is going on,” Village Councilman Jerald Robertson told  “There is a sense that they have no idea what we are doing.

"Some days I try to remember what things were like a decade ago, even though we're told not to do that. I don't think it was like this, but I can't be sure. Oh well, back to the television."

“I have no idea what is going on with the council,” he added.

Cities and towns around the nation, working with private companies, have installed the cameras to catch drivers speeding or running red lights. They then split the fine proceeds, generating big profits for companies such as American Traffic Solutions and Redflex Traffic Systems, and much-needed revenue for municipalities.

When the evils of capitalism and socialism unite, look out.

Attorney Mike Allen is fighting back at Elmwood Place, filing for class-action status for a suit against the town on behalf of everyone who paid a fine meted out by an eye in the sky.

He's suing GOD??? Oh, right. It's supposed to mean the cameras.

“We feel what the village did was unconstitutional.”

Whoa, comrade brother. Constitution? That sounds like terrorist talk.

Health problems were cited as the reasons for the resignations for two of the members, but Robertson believes the public outrage played a role in all of their decisions.

The self-aware computer now controlling the city had no comment, other than a blinking, menacing red light.

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Komment Korner

It's never anyone's fault but the "out of control" government's. Right? Never mind the people who speed. Or gun it to avoid waiting 30 seconds at a red light. Or someone who thinks it's his/her right to park whenever, wherever they want because they're just going "inside for a minute." It's always someone else who is at fault. 

How do we know these cameras don't snap random pictures along with real violators to pad the coffers? And don't tell me it couldn't happen with our open and transparent governments.

I work in a city that has red light cameras and will slowly and carefully proceed to the city limits before purchasing anything. I urge everyone else to do the same if they find themselves in such a place.

Just another example of big brother and how they manage to fowl up this country

Obey Big Brother..nuf said. bye

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